The ANCA District 0101 Dinner Grand Gala unfolded in a grand fashion yesterday at the Unilag-Akoka Guest house restaurant.

The inaugural event was a beautiful & delightful combination of our rich cultural heritage and a sweet treat of modern & Western culture. 
The occasion which was masterfully handled by the ANCA PRO Dynamo, Arc. Bodunrin Oguntoye was surreal & sublime. 

The Saxophonist Tosin Phebean Oluwadare stole the Thunder with an exceptional performance marked by her effortless rendition of popular songs of yesteryears and today. This musical impressario thoroughly thrilled & captivated the crowd with her own blend of enviable & impressive skills.

The camaraderie, the palpable love, spirit of sportsmanship, the conviviality & the togetherness of these seasoned professionals were in full bloom. 

The patriotism, the energy, passion and love of the profession of architecture was a sight to behold. 

The sponsors who gave sparkling presentations added a lot of verve, spice and colour to this 2019 epoch event, which will forever remain memorable and unforgettable.

To God be the glory for this opportunity to hobnob and socialize with these great thinkers and designers with artistic flair and grace. 
Willy Sowho, Broadcast Journalist and Chairman CEO Cardinal Media Ltd & Boardwalk Nigeria Ltd (PR, Marketing, Advertising, Radio/TV, & Sports Marketing)

See pictures of the event in the gallery